Join the Event Safety Alliance

The Event Safety Alliance is a group of entertainment industry leaders gathered to address the immediate need for universal safety standards for the production of live events.

If you are a working professional in the entertainment, sports, leisure and event marketing industry, we welcome you and would like you to join us in our mission to make all events a safer place.


Promote the “Life Safety First” mindset as the industry’s number one priority by welcoming all interested persons, regardless of affiliation, to join us in making a collective effort to improve life safety awareness and application in our industry.  Manage the collection process of known “best practices” including those set forth in documents e.g. the HSE Event Safety Guide (“The Purple Guide”) to create a ‘best practices manual’ for persons producing events in the United States, “The Event Safety Guide US”. Consult with government and industry leaders to find the best strategies for training, certification and inspection practices for the industry.
The ESA is a living organization under constant evolution to ensure everyone has the chance to participate on the work being done.


  • Join the group. You dictate your level of participation and contributions to the task at hand. The only pressure you will receive will be from yourself.
  • Support and promote the organization and the initiative.
  • While participation in drafting “The Event Safety Guide – US” is not mandatory, if you are inclined to share your knowledge and expertise on the wide range of  subjects in the guide, notify the ESA team and you will be contacted in short order and given that opportunity.
  • If you are a key influencer, consider setting realistic and achievable goals for yourself and those around you to improve safety in your environment and in the industry. There are many resources available to assist you in determining how to mediate the risks in your situation, if you need help finding one- we can help.
  • Be patient and vigilant, change takes time. The industry will embrace the “Life Safety First” mindset at it’s own pace. It is only through day-in and day-out persistence that true change can occur.
  • Be safety aware and safety prepared.
  • This bullet left ‘blank’ for you to fill in because only you can determine what your next step should be.

This is a massive undertaking, intended to be transparent and ALL inclusive, it is our mandate to give each individual the opportunity to participate in the process and take part in the peer review that will complete this long overdue work. EVERYONE will have the ability to review and comment on the work and the process as we move forward.

Thank you for your participation… YOU are the Event Safety Alliance!

Visit the ESA website…

About EmpowerHouse

Jody Curtis is a lifelong student and spiritual seeker, and a Reverend and Teacher of the Science of Mentalphysics. She is a Founder and Creator at EmpowerHouse Productions and has taught a variety of Empowerment Practices. These include "The Science of Mentalphysics" Breathwork and Meditation classes, Ashtanga Yoga, Chanting, Prayer and classes on Essential Oils, since 2009. She is the former Director of Spiritual Studies and Reverend-in-Residence at the Institute of Mentalphysics (Joshua Tree Retreat Center) in Joshua Tree, California, and a tribal member of the Cherokee Nation. Jody is dedicated to creating content in the world that is uplifting, inspiring and empowering for human kind.
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